Monday, March 7, 2011

Sorry for the LONG delay!

Hi blogger pals,

I'm not sure if there will be anyone who will be interested in reading it, but I just want to state here that the reason I decided to continue blogging is because I need a creative outlet in expressing my thoughts and pour everything out on "paper". Oh yeah, and also, I'm glad to announce that I've subscribed for a Mobile Broadband so that I can go online (and download movies and what not) at the "comfort" of my own home! Weeeee....

Okay, so I've just got back home from a hour long train ride from temporary "work"... Imagine taking the train from this end of the line, to the other end of the line. 22 stations, to be more exact. I don't know why, but I can take it when I have to sit through a car ride which is an hour long, but I can't really stand the fact that I have to take an hour long train ride with a train full of strangers, waiting for the little green LED lights to slowly blink off, 22 stations time, if you know what I mean.

Maybe it's because I can't sit comfortably on a cushion seat and sing along to the music playing on the radio to my heart's content, like when I do back home in Malaysia. Call me a spoilt brat all you want, but I just don't like the way things works around here in Singapore. Everyday at the MRT station, we get in line to tap our cards to take the train to our destinations. It feels like we're checking in to some army-based training or being manipulated like string puppets. Lol. Then in the train, lucky people get to doze off on their seats, while "unlucky" people who aren't so "kia su" in getting seats, like myself (hahaha), have to stand, most probably, throughout the journey. If you are early enough to get the FREE morning paper (They actually give out free papers!), you can just stuck your nose behind it, like most of the people do.

Or maybe you can even "exercise your thumb" by browsing through your iPhone, checking the latest Tweet, Facebook status, e-mail or whatever. Seriously speaking, 80% of Singaporeans OWNS an iPhone. No matter that you are old, young, local or a foreign worker, for example, Indians from India. 15% uses the Blackberry, and the remaining 5% just falls into the "Other phones" category.

Every morning, the train will be so packed, the you can even look at other people's text while they are texting. LOL. Not to be a "KPC" or anything, but I just can't help it! The distance is just "too close for comfort".

This 2 months will be BUSY like ___________ (Fill in the blanks.) There will be assessments, assignments, accompaniments and, any more words starting with the letter "A"? No, I guess not. The dreadful "A"s..

I just finished reading "The Undomestic Godess" by Sophie Kinsella. Not a bad read, but I'm surprised at my current "reading speed".

Two years before this, I can finish a 900 page Harry Potter novel in a week. Last year, I can finish a 600 page novel in 3 weeks. Now, I can only finish reading a 400 page novel in a month or MORE!!!! (Ps: I've only finished 1 out of 3 books that I bought LAST AUGUST.) Shame of me... :(

So, I'm currently reading "Eat Pray Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. I have to say that I skipped the whole wanting to get divorced, crying in the bathroom part to go to the start of the 1 year holiday in Italy! Lol... I am too depressed to read something as depressed as this is and also, it is obviously none of my concern to know how her divorce case went. I just wanted to read about her travel journals and dream that I could be like her someday. You know, not the part where her life is so messed up, but the part where she can travel the World. Lol.

Then after this, I plan to read the "Time Traveler's Wife" or "My Life in France", if my current hectic time schedule allows me to.

Wish me luck! :D

Ps: The next blogpost may only 'appear' after quite a period of time. No promises.. :X But I'll try my best.

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