Tuesday, March 8, 2011

30 hours in a day, please?

Hey, maybe this blogging thing might just work out after all! :D But still, no promises. Hahaha. Actually, I do enjoy this whole process of writing down how I feel after a long day and just let everything go here. It feels nice... :)

Again, another day had came and gone. Another day back from the long 23 (Miscalculated yesterday) station train ride from ballet accompaniment. I want more 30 hours in a day so that I can do more than just go about my daily, monotonous life everyday for the next 3 years to come. I haven't even been here for a year and I've already got sick of the way things work here... But anyway, it's for a better "future" and about learning to be independent.

Before I go on, I've thought of another word that begins with the letter "A" to add to my Dreadful "A" list: AUDITIONS for my Jazz Piano course. Coincidence? I think not! (Quoted from The Incredibles when Dash was called to the principal's office because he placed a tack on the teacher's chair) Hahahaha..

Moving on... Today, I had THREE classes of ballet accompaniment and it was no joke. The first was at school, which I came back to the teacher where I first accompanied for last semester. Her teaching style was very different from the previous one, which I think was better than the current one. The current one "dances" with her hands! Seriously. She rarely stands and dances with her feet, she just waves her hands about while counting the beats and saying the names of each moves in French, like I understand her, and she expects me to catch the beat and follow her.. == Ok. So I'm back with her for the rest of the semester. Patience is KEY! *Exhales...*

Second and third class was actually my "new" job I took from a friend as a favor, which is located at the 23rd stop from home. I just seriously hope that I didn't jeopardize their ballet class.. :X But honestly, how on Earth am I supposed to learn, what, 60 songs, up to the speed that they want (which is like 180 beats in a bar!) in less than a week to help accompany examinations 2 weeks later?! I am SO not exaggerating, which I wish I was. But I think it's partially my fault as well. Firstly, it was a JOB, that means I can get paid for it = more income! But less time on my hands. Secondly, I took up 2 ballet exams accompaniment from different places, which adds up to 6 books of ballet exams music to play, in a week. And it was too much, darling! Too much! (Quoted from The Incredibles when Edna was talking to Mr. Incredible? I think?) Sorry... I don't know why these quotes keep popping up into my head. But to sum it all up to a sentence, I bit off more than I can chew and I will NEVER do it again! D: I just CANNOT handle the pressure! I feel more pressured than the dancers going for exams! What if I go wrong?! What I stopped halfway through the song?! What if I played the music too fast or too slow?! What if they can't catch my speed?! What if...?

Okay. So 2 weeks is all I've got! For the sake of the extra pocket money, I'll fight to get it right! (Hey, it rhymes!)

Like I've said in my previous post, I'm currently reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert as my loyal companion during lonely, long train rides, together with my beloved iPod to keep my ears occupied as well. The book was more interesting than I expected it to be! It made me want to, maybe, stay in Rome for A YEAR! :D I want to visit their morning market everyday at 7am, roam along the old, narrow streets, eat gelato all day long, watch beautiful Italian men walk by me (Lol! I just took that phrase right out of the book), eat pasta and olive oil everyday, choose and pick my favourite fountain in the city, learn the beautiful language (or should I say "sign language" because of all the gestures with their hands when they talk), go to every museum there is in the city at least once a month and most of all, I want to learn to be "the masters of il bel far niente and l'arte a'arrangiarsi!" It means the sweet beauty of doing nothing and the art of making something out of nothing. "The art of making a feast out of simple ingredients, or a few gathered friends into a festival". And let's just hope my dreams will come true.. :)

Speaking of Italy, my LUCKY pals from choir back home in Malaysia will be going to VENICE this coming April for a choral competition! If I weren't to come to Singapore to study, I'd be one of the lucky ones to visit the City of Gondolas with just paying RM2000!!! :( But then again, my lecturer said that the choir that I am in now is planning to go on a trip to PRAGUE, in the CZECH REPUBLIC! Yay! But wait. What about the expenses? Who's paying? I don't have that much money. D: Ohhh... And this is partly why I took the 2 jobs, which now I kinda regretted. :(

Oh yeah. I almost forgot to mention that my school's choir performed in this afternoon's lunch time concert. My lecturer/conductor wanted to "show the Head of Contemporary Music what Pop and Jazz songs should be about and could be so beautiful", but then he conveniently went to Germany for a little trip or concert. Oh well. The hard times that we've put into our choir lessons, sort of, paid off. Lol.

Hopefully, I'll continue posting more entries but also have the time to do my school work.

Ps: I'll be Salsa-ing this Thursday! D: *Gasps!* I know, right? Me?! SALSA?! *Scoffs!*

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