Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Personalized EZ-Link card!

Ok, firstly I would say that my previous post is all about my rants and my apologize to you if you find it boring, or offensive in a way, because I wasn't really having a good start today. But please don't take it seriously! :D *Smiley face~*

In Singapore, they have this thing called the EZ-Link card, where you use it to take the trains or the buses after you top it up with cash. So, there are some people who sells something like a sticker in which you can stick it onto the card to personalize it, sin
ce all the cards here look the same, other than the color of it.

Initially, I didn't have an EZ - Link card but on the day that I was in the Changi Airport MRT station after flying back from Malaysia after my cousin's wedding, not that I want to specify this but it's Valentine's Day (Hahaha..), I got a free EZ-Link from a total random foreigner, stranger who was on his way back to his home country, I guess, looked at me for a second then gave me his EZ - Link card saying, 'There's still maybe $4 of credit in this card.' At first, I was like, Huh?? Then I got it and said, 'Thank you!' What a kind, generous, total random foreigner, stranger.. xD

After getting that card, I went and buy my very own EZ-Link sticker from a vendor and my sticker looks like this:

Sorry that it's mirrored. It's taken on the Photo Booth app on my Mac and for those who can't read mirrored words like Leonardo Da Vici can (Random Fact. Lol.) it says Little Miss Tidy, which I'm the total opposite of, btw. Hahaha..

It got me wondering, how will other people I know personalize their EZ-Link card whether they have or do not have one. Here goes my list:

Ee Ran - For some reason, maybe Snoopy (Because of your Facebook profile picture) or any music themed ones whenever you can get your hands on one. Or, one that shows Richard Clayderman.. xD (Ewww... :P )

Zhuoqi - I seriously don't know, even though you are my room mate.. :/ Hahaha! Maybe a sticker with an all-white background with nothing on it, since you like the color white so much! :P

Inka - Hmmm... Floral patterns? xD

Vanessa - HELLO KITTY, no doubt about that. :P

Zhi Hui - Ones with Japanese bands on it? Hahahaha..

Yihan - Hmmm... What do you like ah, Yihan? xD

Ling Wei - Anime stuff ones?

Yoon Voon - Keroro perhaps? Hahaha..

Xin Yi - Tare panda.. xD

Hui Ying - Kerokeropi, or any other cartoon frogs available..

Ze Xin - Naruto? xD Or a more childish option, Ben 10.. Lol. Any robotic ones..

Ze Liang - Superman, Spiderman, Ironman, Batman, what other man are there? Any comic super heros will do.

Xin Ying - Hmm.. Religious ones? LOL LOL LOL! xD Or ones which says, XOXO or Always in my heart? (Inside joke with Elaine, Evon and Kae Thong.. xD)

Elaine - Nightmare before Christmas! Or Despicable Me minions or Agnes. :P

Evon - Hmmm.. Despicable me minions??? Hahahaha.. Or Qoo, the little blue thing that you liked so much years ago.

Kae Thong - Michael Buble.. xD Or Glee?

Christian - Jetplanes, jetplanes and lots more jetplanes...

Maxine - A picture of me??? :P

I can't think of anymore right now... xD



Christian said...

Jetplanes huh? Good idea, where do I find these stickers?

____ Me _____ said...

Lol. I found them in small temporarily set up stalls front of the MRT stations.

Maxine a.k.a. Dolly said...

Why is my name the last oneeee -_____-