Thursday, May 8, 2008


Exams are dreadful things la.. I dunno who, but some insane maniacs have claimed that they love to sit for EXAMS! Huh?! They said it's because it's challenging?! Yea.. It is challenging! It's challenging enuf for me to go crazy about! Bah! I've also heard that, too many trees are cut down to be made into test papers!!! So, being environmentally friendly, SAY NO TO EXAMS! SAY NO TO CUTTING DOWN MORE TREES! Be more considerate and kind to our Mother Earth! Earth's natural resources are going to be used up pretty soon!!! So... The Minister of Education, it's time to think about our future! The future is in your hands!!!! ( =P )

By the way, we're going to sit for the Chemistry paper and also 2 EST (English Science and Tech) paper! Two brand new subjects! And, we're going be in the oven-like, hot and sweaty school hall with just standing fans and ceiling fans... Aiyah! This will only affect our mood la!!! Sigh!

*Giggles!* Erm.. Sorry bout the giggling.. My hamster was just climbing up my shirt and managed to climb onto my head and shoulders... Itchy, itchy! This hyperactive little "monster" is just restless! Besides being alseep in her little house, she cant sit still for even a minute on your hand!

Okay, back to exams! Darn!!! I havent even get used to the formats of these subjects! And, I'm still mc(square) on almost all the pure science subjects!

1. I'm still not sure of how am I going to calculate the no. "lumber" (En. Ng K.C's pronounciation for number) of mols.
2. What's the difference between atom and element?
3. I havent memorized the uses of isotopes, the elements in Group 1, Group 2 and Group 18. I still dunno the chemical n physical properties of this and that...
4. I still haven' memorise the experiments!

1. I still dunno the process of Mitosis and Meiosis.
2. I'm not sure of all the uses of those lil' thinggies, Ex: Chromatids, Centromer...
3. Still blur-blur about Chapter 5 (Nuclear Division)
4. The structures of Protein etc

1. THE FORMULAS!! F = ma, V = s/t, FT = mv - mu etc etc

So, I really gotta go study now!!! If not, I'll be doomed forever!!!!

Taz! See y'all after the exam!!! =) (maybe not)

and good luck those going for the exams!

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