Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Exam's over! Happy Hols!

Well, will you look at that? I thought I wasn't able to sign in to blogspot...

Firstly, although it's a bit late to say that... It's already the Holidays again!!! Yippie! But don't get to happy about it! After the holidays, we're gonna get our results back and *uh-oh!* we'll most probably die... Not of happiness, but of sorrow and dissapointment!

FYI, I've already watched Narnia Prince Caspian (a day before Physics' test). It wasn't that bad. It was really nice! All Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy have all grown up! =) Prince Caspian, by Ben Barnes, was very, very, very good looking! Heheh... I don't wanna say anything about it here in case there are somebody plannig to go watch it.

This holidays are quite like the usuals. Occupied by choir practices, tuitions, TV Programmes, online chatting, ice-skating (maybe), going to the movies, reading books and going on a holiday!

I went to KLCC yesterday and was planning to go to Petrosains. But it wasn't open on a Monday, what to do? So we just lingered in Kinokuniya. There, my mum bought me 2 books, The Little Girl in the Window (Totto-chan) and also The Kite Runner. I think it's 2 good books to read. I'm catching up on my reading now. I haven't finish (or haven't even started) reading Once Upon A Marigold and The Princess Academy which I bought last year.

and i gotta go now! Choir practise at 6pm! Ciao! Enjoy your hols!!! =)

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