Sunday, May 11, 2008

2 down... Many more to go! ps: Happy Mama's Day!

2 down n many more to go! Sorry about the many more, I lost count of how many papers i'm going to sit for!

Firstly, I thank God Chemistry wasn't that bad... I can say I almost know how to do 80% of Paper 1 (objective) ... But in Paper 2 (subjective), Section C, we're supposed to only choose 1 question to answer... But careless me did both the questions! Luckily I didn't waste too much time on that and manage to recheck the whole thing.. I was so happy that I should be only choosing 1 because I wasn't too sure about the answers in Q2... So, I happily scarped off the whole Q2! Feels good~ =P Q1 was all 'bout the contributions of scientist to the structures of atom and I feel so lucky that I've just studied and made short notes about that very thing! Except that I didn't know what the oxidation number for Cu+ and Cu2+ is and what's the element for Ruby and Sapphire! The others was alright. But I can't keep my hopes too high!

Then, EST, happy to say that, for me, the objective paper was really a piece of cake! But I can't guarantee that I could score A1 or what. For me, it was quite easy... And the subjective was ok... It was all writing about the uses of vitamins and the effects of lacking it...

So, tomorrow, it's the day for the brain-wrecking Add Maths!!! It's currently 1 of my least favourite subject. I guess that I'm quite fine from Chap 1 - Chap 4, but Chap 5, Logarithms and Indices! @_@ It's really confusing! I hope that it wouldn't be to hard! Ah... God help us!! And other subject is Essay Writing for Bahasa Malaysia (Malay Language)... I'm quite nervous myself, because I had stopped tuitions for BM and i'm not updated, in a way that I'm still in the Form 3 phase of essay writing in BM. So, I need to learn to "brag" about the whole essay, as people see it, write more examples and elaborate more on the points and also try to use more Malay Idioms (Peribahasa)... So, I hope that all my reading of Karangan Contoh (Examples of Malay Essay's) would at least help a little!

Wish me luck!! =)

ps: Happy Mama's Day to Mothers all over the world!!! We <3 [love] u~~ Happy Mama's day, Mummy! Thanks for the wonderful dinner tonight! It was superb! Home made shark's fin soup (I know it's not that environmentally friendly, but I can't help it! Sigh!) and apple, walnuts, yogurt, raisins (sultanas) and lettuce salad, and also, Black Pepper Fish Fillet (bought from the mall! =P)....

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