Monday, May 5, 2008

I dreamt of Leehom~ =)

Hey there! Sorry for the late post because I didn't really know what to write here...

So anyway, I've dreamt of Leehom a few days ago and it's like the 2nd time in a month already! Bah.. Sweet dreams never last long... T.T but I really hope it was reality! =P However, I dreamt that I went shopping with him.. =_= Not really knowing the reason or what we were shopping for, but I just remembered that... Then the first time, it was when I met him somewhere. He was wearing a red baseball cap if I'm not mistaken, and it was raining. Then, I asked for his autograph and definitely asked to take a picture with him... Then I couldn't recall the rest! i really hope that I could dream of him again soon, as you know, you can't control what you dream... And the dreams felt so real!

And speaking of Leehom, he's bday's coming soon! It's on the 17th of May and he's 31 turning 32 this year! Yay! Happy Birthday, Homeboy! I made him a card last year, and wasn't really sure if he received it, but it's in this book here. Together with fans from 20 other countries! =)

This year, I suggested to buy him a t-shirt. It's not that expensive, RM30 shared with 3 people, but I chose that because it a Fender t-shirt. Fender is a brand of a guitar which he used in his latest album, Change Me. So, I saw it in the guitar shop and decided to buy it for him. Heehee... Since I've got hold of the address of SONY BMG, Taiwan, I decided to send it there. But we'll be quite late since I can only buy the shirt this Sunday and post it to him, the earliest is Monday... But I hope to see him wearing this shirt in later pictures...

And also! I've decided to buy the OurHome, China's club t-shirt! OurHome is Leehom's fanclub, so in China, it's OurHome, China; In Sg, it's OurHome, Singapore! Hehe... It's really sleek, right? the style... So cool! It's RMB 80, so it's approx. RM36.20? Excluding the postage fee... It's not that expensive, right? Hehe... Many people wonder where I got those Leehom merchandises, such as the Gai Cap, the kaleidescope used in Forever Love and so on... I've got my sources..

The 盖cap.. The盖stands for盖世英雄. The kaleidescope 万花筒 used in Forever Love.

Looks like this post's all about Leehom! Yeap! once again, Happy Birthday, Leehom!!! =) Looking forward to your new album this Summer!! I'm sure you'll have a new style to introduce to our ever-opening ears! Good luck!

ps: I've made 6 cups of caramel creme... And it looked exatcly like this.. Anyway, it's instant made! =P If I got a chance, I'll upload my version of Caramel creme for all to see... but not taste! Hah!

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