Monday, February 16, 2009

Performing in 1 week time!

Sorry for posting after quite a long time. I've been busy with my choir practice. Like what I've told Dolly in school, I haven't been at home for more than 24 hours during the weekends!

As some of you guys who are going know, La Voce choir, which is my choir, is performing in Chin Woo stadium this Saturday!

Friday was Friday the 13th! *Dramatic music plays!* It's known to be something the Westerners considered as an unlucky day. I didn't really realized it and so, I don't think anything unlucky happened...

School day on Saturday! On Valentine's Day! Lovey dovey couples walking hand in hand around Sunway Pyramid shopping centre... Luckily girls showing off their presents by holding S&J or Lovely Lace or bouquets of roses or flowers, walking proudly out of the school.. Hmmm... I wasn't one of them... *sniffs!*

After school, I have to go to Ikano to promote our up coming concert in Popular. We sang badly.. =_= Even by singing Siyahamba, we did the worse of the worse. After that, I went to Sunway with QF, J and Joyce. Joyce was my Valentine for the day... yipee... =_= While we were there, we were lucky enough to witness the first Wedding on Ice in Malaysia! It's the wedding of the Head Coach of the Skating class in Sunway. Just one word, ROMANTIC!

Going out with Joyce will make my poor pocket burn! And my pants caught fire! Nah.. Just kidding...

So yea, we drank Starbucks, again! Ate Auntie Anne's Pretzels, twice and Mr Teppanyaki, which was considered much more cheaper than TGI Fridays! Gosh... She wanted to take dinner there at first, but... We saw the price, and walked away... Haha!

Yesterday was our one last time stepping into the school gates of Chung Hua Independent High School, KL! YESH! FINALLY! Everytime we parked in the parking lot, we said, "Sigh~! Back here again after a week..." But this is going to be the very last time. I'm not sure if I'm going to miss it, but I won't be missing it for a long time!

Lol... Recalling last night's incident in Jack's car was really hilarious! Not that I'm not afraid of a bug, but he wouldn't just pull himself to the steering wheel and saying, "Ahh... Get the bug out!" Luckily Joyce wasn't in the car and Xue Yi was. If it wasn't for her, Jack will be crouching and driving on the steering wheel all the way back from KL to BKT... Lol!!!

And, the new Principal of Kwang Hua finally came after 9 months of survival without a Principal! Thanks to Puan Tan!! =)

So I guess I won't be posting again for quite some time... Taz~

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