Saturday, July 5, 2008

Taylor's Culinary Contest at the Taylor's School of Hospitailty! =)

Today, the 5th of July 2008, is quite a historical day for me... Becuz it's the first time ever that I cook something (other than frying eggs and cooking instant noodles and all those bad, instant cooking! =P) in the kitchen by myself, with another helper of course. She's ah YYV...

We woke up at 6.45am... T.T just to take the train to Setia Jaya which is only like 1/2 an hour away... Yea, well... We took the train there but don't really have a clue where it is.. We met Yi Hua n Xiao Ling in the train station.. So we just wandered around and keep our eyes looking up and down... Finally, somebody found it and we just walked through the gates. For a sudden, I felt as if I'm in Bali, Indo or something. There was those fountains and nice looking statues in a small pond.. Even when we were there, we didn't know where the main gate was! I guess we went there through the back gate, then.

After we found the main gate, we waited for Pn Sally to arrive. We saw those other contestants from other schools and they were like SO PROFFESIONAL! Even from their appearance! And we were jsut there to have some pure fun and not to mention, try out our luck la...

The competition started at about 12 or 11 am? I wasn't wearing my watch since it was accidentally kicked under my bed by me... Our team name was Ivy. Don't ask us why, it was just chosen randomly... So, our station number was No. 13. I know! It's bad luck, right?! But, nothing bad happened to us, so, yay! =P

Yong went to take the ingredients and she took loads of stuff since we don't really know what to cook. There was tomatoes, spaghetti, onion, garlic, celery and also a carrot. The chicken was prepared for us... What?! A chicken?! Both of us had NEVER dealt with a chicken bofore... =_= The girl from no. 14 was saying that it's her first time molesting a chicken while she was washing it! Lol... They were from SMKDU anyway. I saw it from their shirts. I think they're called Angel 2.

So we started our "cooking". I was only told to peel this, peel that, cut this, cut that, cook the spaghetti and most probably nothing else. 'Cuz Yong forbade me to touch the other things.. Yea, she's really quite a Little Miss Know-It-All... She seasoned the chicken with pepper and salt and went on cooking. She then said we were going to cook the so called "Black Pepper Chicken" with Spaghetti.

We were in tears when we cut the onions.. I was actually crying! Tears started to run out of my eyes like the tap water... Don't get me wrong, it's all because of the onion! It was really embarrasing!

Well, after like 1/2 and hour, yong was quite annoyed and she fired up. I didn't know what to do and asked her, since she said I was supposed to just do what she says. She got really annoyed and fed up! What?! I really didn't know what to do! Sorry to say but, sometimes, working with her is a real pain in the neck...

So we were like rushing through everything and did everything the last minute. Even the spaghetti was undercooked. Luckily our food was still edible... Haha! The chicken was quite okay. I reckon that our plate had too much food. Other school was really nice! The presetation was really really neat and nice to look at! I think they've had some professional training in school... Hehe! Our school's ERT club was pretty much just a "club" with not more than 10 activities in a year!

After that, they announced the final 6. We don't even stand 0.1% of being in the final 6. So, after having lunch, yong had to go home cuz she's having tution at night. As for me, Xiao Ling, Yi Hua and the other 2 gurls from Form 5 (Sory, I forgot ur names! ^^') went for the pastry demostration. There were 2 students there to demonstrate. Claire from Singapore and Blair from Australia. Yea, is it coincidence or what? Claire and Blaire... So they demonstrated how to make Paris-Brest and also Choux Chantily and Eclair. Both were tasty!

After that. there were also the blind tasting game. I only got like 3/7... =_= At least I got the dark chocolate correct! And then, there was the carving of fruits. Grapefruit and also orange. The orange is easier to cut! Then they were like cooking caramel or something, then they put the Pineapple slices in it and also some rum. It's really hard to prevent the sugar from turning brown and burn it. Our trial was a disaster.. =_= Our sugary thingy was more bitter than expected. So we just played around and go around snapping pictures...

So that was pretty much the end of it. Me, Xiao Ling and Yi Hua sat the KTM back to Klang and now here I am, typing my blog telling all u guys about it... If possble, I'll upload some pictures up here... For now, Ciao!

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FeroCious Says No! said...

lolx, sounds fun. Anyway thanks to me you got to go there. i am really jealous now. those 'form 5s' are chin li and ellen.