Monday, June 16, 2008

Not Satisfied with what I got...

The holidays are already over for almost a week now... How time flies...

It's about 2 weeks ago that Hui Ying, my ideal skating partner, went skating AGAIN. Yes, again, because it haveb't even been a year that we've went to Sunway to skate. And as usual, it was planned only the night before we went skating. Haha!

It's about 2 weeks ago since my beloved Labrador, Joy Joy, went to meet with our late German Shepard, Pongo, in Doggie Heaven.

And it's about a week ago that we've just sent our retired PK away from school, holding back tears which are about to fall anytime... Nah.. Not exactly.. But my class was quite happy to have another 4 free Add Maths lessons to play and monkeying about since Pn Chong used to be our Add Maths teacher.

A slideshow was played, showing pictures from her past, which I'm sure brought her down Memory Lane and remembering those good ol' days. She was a student from Kong Hoe! I didn't know that... And she was also the Prefect in Kwang Hua back in those days when Elvis Presley tops the billboard chart. I was pretty amazed that she had travelled to various countries, such as the USA, UK, Australia, Belgium, China just to name a few. Aww... I'm a green-eyed monster when I know a person have travelled to so many lands that I've never even set foot on. Hehe..

Well, after that 2 weeks of 'occupied' holiday, I've came back to my usual lifestyle.

Waking up at 6.20am every morning, slap myself awake then brushing my teeth half asleep, drink my usual cup of Fernleaf milk, sleep in my teacher's car all the way to school, continue my trip to Dreamland after a short walk from the carpark to my class, eat Spaghetti every Friday whitout fail and getting those 'envy' eyes staring at it wishing to take just 1 strip of the Spaghetti out of my plate thinking I would fall for those puppy eyes, have Monday Blues every Monday at assembly (and sleep), have tuition almost everyday and my day ends when the clock strikes 1am or 1.30am... Wow... What a busy day... =_=

Talking of school, I've got back my results for the exam I sat for before the lovely, lovely holidays, and I was not at all satisfied with the results I got... 5 A's out of 11?! Darn... How bad is that, plus, being in 4S2 n sitting beside the super maths gurl, YYV, makes it even worse... T.T It's not like I'm going to state down every marks I got, but I can just give all of you 1 conclusion: IT WAS BAD!

But! Yes, but, I have 1 pretty satisfied subject, which is... *drum rolls* Chinese! I've never ever got an A in my life since Form 1 till now, except in PMR where I think the marker's half blind to give me an A... =_= Although it's just an itsy-bitsy little A2, my heart is already soaring half way to space.

1 funny incident to mention:
I'm not supposed to say this, but, it's just pure entertainment... Heehee! A bunch of girls at the back of the class and 2 or 3 boys were playing Truth or Dare and 1 of the boys lost. He chose to dare instead of telling the truth although I wasn't really sure what on earth was happening back there. So, by choosing to Dare, the girls told him to come up front to sing Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin 月亮代表我的心 to Yoon Voon since it was her Birthday the day before (12/6).. The boy, i think, was almost peeing his pants, but he, who's full of guts and courage (eh-hem), decided to sing.. I was laughing with tears in my eyes when he started singing the first phrase of the song. But at the end, the class gave him a round of applaue + cheers! =) Those from 4S2 may know the lead actor of this incident.... =P

ps: Happy Fathers' Day!!! and also Happy Birthday to: Xin Yi (2/6), 俊彦 (5/6,哲俊 (8/6), Chai Wei (11/6), Ah Boon (YYV) (12/6), Sa Ku (13/6), Bro & Alvin (16/6), Qiao Fang & Hunt (24/6) n Mama & Rain (25/6)!

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FeroCious Says No! said...

almost peeing in his pants? dont joke! i've known him for 4 years and he's such a daredevil that it's impossible for him to pee in his pants! anyway, i also have had a nice laugh, makes me think of the english oral test last year. we are supposed to present our dramas in groups. and this mister and his group came up with something like american idol. this dude really started singing, so i say this wasnt my first time listen to him singing. anyway bravo to him~! Pn Chong wasnt that creepy like what we heard you know? she's quite good and has a sense of humour too. gonna miss her.yea, it's really impressive that she went to soo many countries, wow! my mandarin too i dint expect to do well, coz i havent really touch any mandarin books for quite a period, really surprised! my addmaths, gosh, *fuming. okay, i think this is abit long and i think i cover up everything, hahha.